The Witch & the Hundred Calvarymen

Here’s an upcoming PS3 exclusive from NIS by the same dev team that made those Disgea spinoff Prinny games for PSP. What’s unique about The Witch and the 100 Calvarymen is that it’s a sandbox action RPG, not something NIS is typically known for.

The game is about a Witch named Metalica (\m/), a Swamp Witch who wants to kill the shit out of the forest witch for some reason. Bitches, amirite? Much like Etna from the Disgaea series, Metalica has minions at her disposal to help her achieve her goals — only instead of of cute, explosive demon penguins, they’re animated suits of armor. You’ll take the role of one of these minions and help your master off the competition by either being a good guy, or a bad guy. Think Prototype or inFAMOUS, only extremely Japanese.

No word on when this is coming stateside (or if it is at all), but the official website is live right here with some pretty nice artwork.

(via Kotowari)